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Natalia Narochnitskaya commente les élections présidentielles russes (RT, 5 mars 2012)   2012-03-05

John Laughland discusses World War III on Crosstalk
IDC's Director of Studies was again invited by RT's flagship discussion programme on 19 February 2015

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John Laughland speaks about the Minsk talks on RT
IDC's Director of Studies discusses the chances for peace in Ukraine (11 February 2015)

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Наталия Нарочницкая об уроках Ялтинской конференции 1945 года
Президент Института дала интервью телеканалу "Россия 1" по итогам международного коллоквиума, состоявшегося 4-5 февраля 2015 года в Ливадийском дворце близ Ялты.

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John Laughland discusses the rise - or otherwise - of the political right
IDC's Director of Studies was a guest of Peter Lovelle on RT's flagship discussion programme, Crosstalk, on 15 January 2015.

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John Laughland comments on François Hollande's New Year interview
IDC's Director of Studies spoke on RT on 5 January 2015

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Conference on "de facto" states, 4 December 2014

Berlin conference on peace with Russia (22 November 2014)

Inauguration of a new tombstone to General Nikolai Lokhvitsky at the cemetery of Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (10 November 2014)

Book launch of "Putin" by Frédéric Pons (5 November 2014)

Conference on "The global sexual revolution and human rights" (IDC, 8 July 2014)

Conference on "Kosovo, Crimea and the East-West confrontation in Ukraine" (IDC, 27 May 2014)