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John Laughland speaks on RT about the Russian presidential elections   2012-03-05

The IDC - IOPS Side Event at the UN in Geneva
IDC held a Side Event at the UN in Geneva on 12 March 2014 to discuss the situation in Syria.

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Конференция «Права человека в Европе»
Институт демократии и сотрудничества выступил организатором конференции на тему «Права человека в Европе». Мероприятие состоялось в конференц-зале Института в понедельник 3 марта 2014 года.

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Natalia Narochnitskay debates Crimea on Channel 4 news
IDC's president spoke on the flagship news programme about the crisis on Ukraine on 14 March 2014.

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John Laughland interviewed on Russia Today
The EU revealed itself as "oligarchic" and "anti-democratic" by calling the Crimean referendum illegal, John Laughland of the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation told RT.

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Channel 4 "Putin in Ukraine: 'Russia will lose most from this'"

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Side Event at the UN in Geneva on Syria, 12 March 2014

Round table at IDC on "Human rights in Europe and the fatigue of its democracies."

Round table on "Ukraine - a battlefield or a bridge between Europe and Russia?"

IDC's 5th birthday

Conference on the geo-political structures of the post-Soviet space

Conference on the future of the family, Leipzig, 23 November 2013