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"Afghanistan, NATO and the United States after 2014: Russia's interests"

Publication day: 18.10.2011

At the conference on the Soviet and Western interventions in Afghanistan, held at IDC on 30 September, Natalia Burlinova from the Foundation for Historical Outlook in Moscow discussed Russia's concerns at the future role of the USA and the West in Central Asia

"Afghanistan and the geopolitics of the region"

Publication day: 17.10.2011

Mohammed Omar Nessar, a Moscow-based Afghan, discusses the various threats emanating from Afghanistan and concludes that a resolution of the situation there requires terrorism to be tackled in Pakistan as well.

Georges-Henri Bricet des Vallons: "How the occupation finances the insurrection in Afghanistan"

Publication day: 07.10.2011

Georges-Henri Bricet des Vallons, an expert on private security firms, explains how the American army's practice of outsourcing important logistical tasks ends up pouring hundreds of millions of dollars a year into the pockets of the Taliban - the very people the US army is supposed to be fighting.

John Laughland in Belgrade

Publication day: 27.05.2011

On 26 May 2011, IDC's Director of Studies addressed a seminar in Belgrade organised by the magazine Geopolitika and the Lord Byron Foundation. He spoke on Serbia's strategy for survival, in particular criticising the way national policy is subjugated to the imperatives of EU membership

Criminal liability in international tribunals

Publication day: 08.12.2010

Speaking at a conference in The Hague in November 2009, IDC's John Laughland attacked the theories of liability used in today's international criminal tribunals...

Slobodan Samardzic on the independence of Kosovo

Publication day: 26.11.2010

On 22 May 2009, the former Serbian minister for Kosovo told IDC why he thinks the province's declaration of independence is illegal....

Adrian Pabst's lecture, 'After Value'

Publication day: 25.11.2010

Adrian Pabst, lecturer at the University of Kent, spoke at IDC on 20 March 2010....

The Elections in Abkhazia

Publication day: 22.11.2010

IDC's election specialist, Bernard Owen, reports on his fact-finding mission to Abkhazia during the presidential election held in December 2009....

Report on Abkhazia

Publication day: 22.11.2010

IDC's special representative, Maurice Bonnot, reports on the situation in the breakaway republic of Abkhazia....

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