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John Laughland on the leftism of the West

Publication day: 26.11.2012

IDC's Director of Studies gave a lecture in Prague to the group Akce DOST.

Natalia Narochnitskaya addresses a Side Event at United Nations Human Rights Council

Publication day: 03.07.2012

On 3 July 2012 IDC's president, Natalia Narochnitskaya, spoke at a Side Event in the Palais de Nations in Geneva.

The Balkans as a laboratory for Euro-Atlantic post-nationalism

Publication day: 27.06.2012

IDC's Director of Studies spoke in Belgrade on 27 June 2012 at a conference on "European Security - the Balkan vector".

IDC at conference on Russia and Turkey

Publication day: 22.05.2012

Former Russian ambassador to Israel and Turkey, Peter Stegny, spoke as IDC's representative at the international conference on Russia and Turkey held at Paris' Institute for Oriental Languages INALCO.

The economic motives behind the attacks on Hungary

Publication day: 14.05.2012

Professor Madgolna Csath, an economist at the Janos Kodolanyi University of Applied Science in Szekesfehervar, told IDC on 14 May how the attacks on Hungary over her new constitution are in fact motivated by economic greed.

John Laughland speaks in Rome on the euro

Publication day: 15.03.2012

IDC's Director of Studies was the guest of the Fondazione Lepanto in Rome on 15 March 2012 where he gave a talk at the launch of Professor Roberto de Mattei's latest book, "The Euro against Europe".

Defending Radovan Karadzic by Marko Sladojevic

Publication day: 30.01.2012

One of Radovan Karadzic's legal advisers, Marko Sladojevic, explained at IDC's round table on 24 January how Karadzic plans to structure his Defence.

The Seselj Trial

Publication day: 25.01.2012

Speaking at IDC's conference on 24 January 2012, Stefan Karganovic of the Srebrenica Historical Project analysed nine years of extra-judicial agony in the trial of Vojislav Seselj, president of the Serbian Radical Party.

"The Libyan conflict and international law"

Publication day: 15.12.2011

In his address to IDC on 8 December 2011, the president of the International Progress Organisation listed five reasons why the NATO military operation in Libya represents a violation of international law.

"The Situation in Libya: some international legal issues"

Publication day: 15.12.2011

Head of the Department of International Relations at the TISBI School of Management in Kazan, Alexander Mezyaev analysed the legal and political implications of the NATO operation in Libya and the role of the International Criminal Court.

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