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John Laughland on Rwanda

Publication day: 08.12.2010

Writing in The Spectator, IDC's Director of Studies takes a critical look at the work of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda....

Human Rights in the Baltic States

Publication day: 26.11.2010

On 9 December 2009, IDC gave a press conference to launch its report on minority rights in Latvia and Estonia....

KOSOVO 2009 - The Report

Publication day: 26.11.2009

IDC sent a fact-finding mission to Kosovo in October 2009. It has issued a damning report about the international administration in the province....

America and world revolution

Publication day: 25.08.2009

John Laughland comments on Barack Obama's foreign policy for The American Conservative....

What future for Bosnia-Herzegovina?

Publication day: 06.07.2009

The President and Director of Studies of IDC Paris have conducted a fact-finding mission to Bosnia-Herzegovina, where a new constitutional crisis has been sparked by a row between the Serb Republic and the Office of the High Representative...

The geoideology of Westernism

Publication day: 29.04.2009

John Laughland comments on the concept of "geoideology" for the Italian current affairs journal, Limes, published in Rome...

Orange Networks

Publication day: 27.04.2009

In the preface to the book she edited in 2008, Natalia Narochnitskaya looks at how the concept of democracy is used and abused to promote regime change....

The Technique of a Coup d'Etat

Publication day: 27.04.2009

John Laughland anaylses the technologies of regime change....

Sovereignty and human rights

Publication day: 16.04.2009

John Laughland comments on the confusions surrounding the relationship between sovereignty and human rights...

The Milosevic Trial

Publication day: 15.04.2009

John Laughland's book, "Travesty: the Trial of Slobodan Milosevic and the Corruption of International Justice" has been published in Russian with the help of the Foundation for Historical Outlook in Moscow....

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