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John Laughland on the announcement that Vladimir Putin will be a candidate in the presidential elections in 2012.

Publication day: 28.09.2011

IDC's Director of Studies spoke on RT on 25 September about the news that Dmitri Medvedev will step down next year to make way for his prime minister.

John Laughland on Russia's veto of the UN security council resolution on Syria

Publication day: 28.09.2011

IDC's Director of Studies was interviewed on RT on 5 October following Russia's decision to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution, put forward by the USA, which would have imposed sanctions on Syria.

John Laughland on NATO's role in Kosovo

Publication day: 28.09.2011

IDC's Director of Studies spoke on RT on 28 September, criticising NATO forces who opened fire on unarmed Serb demonstrators in Northern Kosovo.

John Laughland on the visit of Nicholas Sarkozy and David Cameron to Libya.

Publication day: 16.09.2011

IDC's Director of Studies speaks on RT about the visit by the French and British leaders to Tripoli on 15 September 2011.

John Laughland on the arrest of Goran Hadzic

Publication day: 20.07.2011

IDC's Director of Studies spoke on RT on 20 July 2011, within hours of the announcement from Belgrade that the last remaining Serb indictee has been arrested and will be transferred to The Hague.

John Laughland discusses the Libyan war on RT

Publication day: 19.07.2011

IDC's Director of Studies spoke on the TV channel RT on 12 July 2011, following indications that France is looking for a political solution to the Libyan conflict.

"Arming Libyan rebels contradicts the case for war"

Publication day: 30.06.2011

30 June 2011: IDC's John Laughland speaks on RT about the news that France has been sending arms to the rebels in Libya.

John Laughland in Prague Castle

Publication day: 20.06.2011

IDC's Director of Studies attended the 70th birthday celebrations of the Czech president, Vaclav Klaus.

John Laughland on the draft US resolution against Syria

Publication day: 10.06.2011

On 9 June 2011 IDC's Director of Studies spoke on RT about the situation in Syria. France and Britain are trying to get the UN Security Council to condemn the way protests are being suppressed there. John Laughland warned against interference in the internal affairs of other states. He believes that the Security Council's mandate is only to protect international peace and security, not to manage internal conflicts.

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