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Conference on the falsification of history.

Publication day: 25.10.2012

IDC co-hosted with the Aristotle Club a debate on the falsification of history and the political and ideological motives behind it.

IDC at EPP Congress in Bucharest

Publication day: 19.10.2012

John Laughland accompanied the Greek-Melkite Patriarch of Antioch to the EPP Congress in Bucharest where the head of the Catholic Church in Syria argued the case for non-intervention in his country's internal affairs.

IDC in the Czech press

Publication day: 17.10.2012

Following attacks on IDC in the Czech press, Michal Semin, Director of the St. Joseph Institute near Prague, sets the record straight.

John Laughland speaks at General Assembly of World Without Nazism

Publication day: 09.10.2012

IDC's Director of Studies attended and spoke at the founding event of the association, "World Without Nazism".

John Laughland speaks on France 24 about Pussy Riot

Publication day: 08.08.2012

IDC's Director of Studies took part in a debate on France 24 about the trial of three members of the shock punk group Pussy Riot in Moscow

Screening of a new documentary about World War II

Publication day: 10.07.2012

On 10 July 2012, IDC organised the screening of a new Russian documentary about World War II, "Allies".

John Laughland on France 24

Publication day: 13.06.2012

IDC's Director of Studies spoke on "The Debate" on 12 June 2012 about the current political situation in Russia

John Laughland discusses war crimes trials on Voice of Russia

Publication day: 01.06.2012

On 1 June 2012, IDC's Director of Studies took part in a debate on Voice of Russia on whether we have entered a new age of impunity.

Natalia Narochnitskaya speaks in Rome on the unity of Europe's Christian civilisation

Publication day: 24.05.2012

IDC's president and Director of Studies took part in two round tables in Rome on 24 May 2012, co-organised with IDC's new Italian partners.

John Laughland on French presidential elections

Publication day: 20.04.2012

IDC's Director of Studies spoke on Voice of Russia on 20 April 2012 on the forthcoming poll in France.

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Conference on the "populist wave" in Central Europe (IDC, 19 December 2017)

The Russian revolution and the civil war (IDC, 8 November 2017)

Conference at IDC on the Korean crisis (21 September 2017)

"Trump and Macron on Syria: what is new?" Conference at IDC, 12 July 2017

Conference on the end of globaliation, 21 June 2017

Conference in the Vatican on Catholics and Orthodox (24 May 2017)


John Laughland discusses the Catalan referendum on RT (4 October 2017)

John Laughland discusses NATO expansion on TRT World TV (31 July 2017)