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Elena Mizulina: it is time to defend traditional values

Date de publication: 23.11.2013

"It is time to promote traditional values" 

Speech by Elena Mizulina,

chairman of the Family Affairs Committee of the Russian Duma, 

at the IDC-Compact Magazine conference in Leipzig,  

23 November 2013



Dear friends,

I would like to express my gratitude for the fact that today’s discussion is dedicated to the most important of human values - the values ​​of the traditional family. Having been involved in politics for 20 years, I never imagined having to act in defence of traditional family values. I have suddenly discovered that the world is changing considerably, especially outside Russia. We have to again prove to ourselves and to others that humanity has no future without the natural traditional family of a man and a woman as a union that aims at continuing existence of the human race.

It seems that the world and Christian civilisation are now disrupted and presented with the following choice: to live according to Christian values ​​of a traditional family, or to  choose a completely different path.  Russia is not presented with such a choice. I am happy to live in a country that has remained faithful to traditional Christian family values, despite the social experiments of the last century, the war, and the aggressive atheism.

Living in Russia, I believed that the debate over same-sex marriage and child adoption by same-sex couples in the European Union was some kind of fashion and a temporary trend. However, today when we were on our way to this conference we were greeted with organised aggression and intolerance by those who advocate the legalisation of gay marriage and who impose homosexual relations. These protests present a different picture. We are dealing with an organised political force that desires to influence the government and society. These sex minorities are not individuals who are innocent, vulnerable, weak, and longing for protection, as they have presented themselves.

This means that we should stop being tolerant of them. We are facing an organised force and therefore should be more coordinated and united because the majority of us practice traditional family values. Natalya Narochnitskaya positively stated that being from Russia she has never imagined defending democratic values ​​in Europe. I have great respect for democratic values​​ as they have dominated Europe for many years ensuring its power and prosperity.

Being a parliamentarian in Russia, I fought for such European democratic values as the right to vote, free elections, freedom of speech, cultural rights, and freedom of religion to be present in the Russian reality. A multiparty parliament and a nationally elected president that has won the support of the overwhelming majority of Russians. We are proud of Vladimir Putin who is a patriot of our country and a strong supporter of traditional family values.

Russia has real and genuine freedom of speech. Different people own Russian media resources and are not required to reveal their sexual orientation. However, I am astonished at the European freedom of speech which is replaced with lies, unlawful deceit, and insults.

An ideological war has been unleashed against Russia. A lot of deceitful information is presented around the law to protect children from harmful information that the government adopted by the will of the majority of the voters. It may be due to the fact that next year Russia will be particularly open to the rest of the world being the host of the Olympic Games. However, it appears to me that those visiting Russia in the near future will be able to see for themselves that Russia has become a completely different country. It is a democratic and rich superpower that was able to restore its values and family standards.

We could have never imagined that the situation we encountered today on the way to this conference could happen in Russia. It is unheard of to call the police to protect the representatives of traditional family values. Both sexual minorities and the traditional value defenders can have their protest actions and openly express their opinions without violence. And if the police come to the rescue, it is only to protect the sexual minorities. But the Russian people themselves are publicly hostile to demonstrations by these minorities. And this is what democracy is.

I will not discuss the law banning the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among children in detail. But I would like to represent the reality of today’s Russian society. Russia has been a multicultural society for over a thousand years. The Orthodox Church has been the historical foundation of our society. Today, over 75 percent of Russians consider themselves Orthodox. The best illustration of this is the massive number of people who come to venerate religious relics which are periodically brought to Russia.

Nearly twenty million or 14 percent of Muslims historically live within Russia. Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and Jews are among the other traditional religions in Russia. Observing Russia today one can see that Orthodox churches as well as mosques and synagogues are being restored or newly built. This is the real image of Russia which members of parliament cannot ignore. All the laws regarding family values including the most debated ones take effect after consulting with all the traditional religions. Those faiths will not accept the rejection of traditional values.

We greatly value the traditional religious harmony which is a special treasure of Russia. The Russian historical background is a guarantee that it is hardly possible to destroy the traditional values of our country in the near future.

Dear colleagues, in conclusion I would like to quote Prince Myshkin from Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot”: “Beauty will save the world.” It is not the aesthetic beauty but the spiritual beauty that is based on love, respect and understanding instead of hate and intolerance. Returning to the spiritual basis of the Russian culture is what is happening in Russia today. Gradually, Russians are transferring from passive into active advocates of traditional family values. This is the most important lesson that Europe should learn when making a dialogue with Russia over the current situation.

Russia has become a different country. However, the moral and spiritual background of our nation and culture are of primary importance today. We do not want them to be lost. Perhaps the European opposition to the Russian laws has become one of the factors of greater cohesion and unity of the Russian people. Such conferences must be held all over Europe. It is time to promote traditional values!


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