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Dr Nabil Faiyad: "This is a war between the Syrian people and Islamic terror"

Date de publication: 12.03.2014

Speech by Dr Mohammad Nabil Faiyad

at the IDC - IOPS Side Event at the UN in Geneva,

12 March 2014 


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want to begin by thanking the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society and the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation for inviting us to attend this important meeting.

We have just arrived from Syria - Syria, where death, destruction and murder are in all cities, villages and regions. No one seems to want this absurd war to end. Everyone is crying and mourning to see the daily suffering of the Syrian people. But what do they do? Nothing! Quite frankly I say, that the approach of the United Nations, in particular the Human Rights Commission in Geneva regarding the Syrian crisis, is actually deepening the disaster in which we live.

The absurd wars inside Syria are portrayed as a conflict between the forces of the state and opposition forces. This is not true. The Absurd war, which is raging in my country today, is a war between the Syrian civil society and Islamic terrorist groups led by foreigners from various countries, and funded by various countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, which has now decided that these groups are terrorist organizations, is the country that sent  trained and funded terrorism in order to destroy Syria.

The Free Syrian Army no longer exists. Instead, the arena is occupied by Islamic terrorist groups.

We have reached out yesterday with Yabrood, another Syrian city that has been destroyed. Four hundred young Yabroodies, at least, want to turn from fighters against the state, to the fighters with the state.

Al Raqqa is governed by Daash by iron and fire. A girl was killed there just because she possessed an account on Facebook. Churches in Al-Raqqa have become the headquarters for Daash.  People are forced to pray 5 times a day. And women's teams are dedicated to whip unveiled girls in the streets of Al-Raqqa.

Deir ez-Zor is governed by the terrorist group called Jabhat Al-Nusrah. Secularists are being killed just because they are secular. The Latin Church has been destroyed, as in Al-Raqqah.

Who are the leaders of Daash and Al-Jabhat? Qataris, Saudis, Chechens, Afghans, and even Chinese! Will these terrorists come to spread democracy and human rights in Syria? No!

The problem is the international community.  It does not want to see the truth.  It still believes that there is a delusion called the Free Syrian Army. Here we want to ask: What is the relationship between democracy and the girl that killed because she has an account on Facebook? What is the relationship between human rights and the destruction of churches and synagogues? What is the relationship between freedom and the elimination of the last Aramaic town in the world, Maloula? These are all questions which we are waiting for Mrs Navi Pillay to answer!

In short, there is no talk of democracy in Syria. There is only talk about the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in the only secular country in the Middle East, and about how to get people back to the Middle Ages and the era of darkness.

Islamic terrorism has killed a secular friend of mine in Girod city which is controlled by the forces of darkness, and his name is Yamen Bjbj, a dentist. They sent me a picture of his body without a head and the head was put in the sand near the corpse . Why? Because he was distributing my books in that town.  Another friend of mine was  kidnapped, dentist Ramez Uraby, for the same reason. They called me while they were torturing him so that I could hear his voice as they were doing it.

No one wants to see the truth. Have you heard of the massacre of Adra? I do not think so. Adra is a  town north of Damascus. This town is a symbol of a smaller Syria . It is a new city which has been built for Syrian workers . It thus includes all sections of Syrian society . This peaceful city was invaded by the forces of Islamic terrorism on December 11th  last year.  There took place a terrible massacre. Hundreds of Syrians were been killed just because they are Shiite, Alawite, Ismailis, Druze or Christians. Hundreds of Syrian Sunnis have been killed because they are employees of the state. Many women were drugged naked under the snow. Many heads were hung on trees. Many people were thrown alive in the furnace of bakery of the city, as if we are again living at the time of the Holocaust and the Nazi beast.

What has Mrs Navi Pillay done for the liberation of thousands of Adra detainees in a prison, al – Tawbah in Duma,? What did Mrs Navi Pillay do to put an end to the tragedy of the twentieth century, which happened in front of the eyes and ears of the world? What has she done for the homeless people of Adra, who are wondering in  the streets of Damascus?

And what did she do to liberate women and children whom were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists from villages north of Latakia after the killing of men? What did Mrs Navi Pillay do to restore those simple peasants to their villages?  Nothing. They are Alawites, and Alawites have nothing to do with oil and gas states of the Gulf, the international community does not want to hear about their plight.

Ismailis, in contrast, who usually were the masters of the opposition in Syria, are exposed today to a form of genocide just because they Ismailis. Ismailis suffered in Adra the worst kind of genocide. They have been also subjected in Alcavat to a terrorist attack that killed innocent people. This is also the case of Tal Aldoura and SalamiehIsmailis are a small minority in Syria and the Islamic world. They have no support from the organisers of the international affairs who have no time to follow up their extermination at the hands of Islamic terrorist groups.

The situation of Christians is not better than other minorities. For example, Sadad, a Christian Syriac town, was  attacked last Summer by Islamic terrorist groups which killed, raped and destroyed before leaving. They also attacked Maloula, stole homes, displaced people and destroyed much of the historic features of the village - all for no other reason than that the two towns are Christian. They had occupied the Christian towns in the countryside of Idlib.  There is no need here to remind you that they were responsible for the destruction of the Christian neighborhoods in the city of Homs, and shelling the Christian neighborhoods in Damascus by mortar every day.

It has been alleged recently that the Syrian state has been conducting a policy of deliberate starvation. But have you heard about what happened to food given by the State to the Yarmuk refugee camp? Did you heard about the institution of Al-Adalah in Duma, which is governed by armed groups, and which includes a huge food stores, including frozen meat, and how people attacked and stole all what were in them, despite their suffering of terrorism that reached the limits of murder?

The solution is democracy. The presidential elections are near. Let the people speak in conditions of international supervision ensuring the neutrality of the ballot.




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