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The Survival of Marxism in the West


John Laughland spoke at an international conference on the Russian revolution, held at the Russian Historical Society in Moscow on 14 September. The conference was co-organised by IDC\\\'s sister organisation, the Foundation for Historical Outloook.

\"Syria - the Trump effect\" by Vanessa Beeley


Vanessa Beeley\'s speech at the IDC conference on \"Trump and Macron on Syria: what is new?\" (12 July 2017)

Conference in the Vatican on Catholics and Orthodox


On 24 May 2017 IDC co-organised an event at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on the challenges faced by Catholics and Orthodox in the 21st century.

Presentation of Pierre de Lauzun\'s book on the end of the euro


IDC hosted economist Pierre de Lauzun and politician Jacques Myard on 26 April 2017 for a presentation of Lauzun\'s book, \"Euro: vers la fin de la monnaie unique?\"

Joint conference held with CIGPA on russo-american rapprochement and the Middle East


On 25 March 2017, IDC joined forces with the The International Centre of Geopolitics and Foresight Analysis (CIGPA) for a high-level conference in Paris on the consequences for the Middle East of a possible rapprochement between the USA and Russia.

IDC participates in Side Event at UN in Geneva


The president and director of studies were respectively speaker and chairman at an event on religious tolerance and the support for Christians, organised by the Holy See and the Russian Federation at the UN in Geneva on 7 March 2017.

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